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Thread: Fluctuating Power Issues

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    Question Fluctuating Power Issues


    I am working on installing a laptop (Dell 7500) in my car. Everything is going fine till I get to the power. I have the laptops DC-DC power supply (Lind) and the power regulator for the Lilliput both running from the same switched power source. My problem is when my laptop is plugged into the power it cause the voltage on the Lilliput to fluctuate from 12.0 to 11.4. If I unplug the DC-DC PS for the laptop and just run the laptop from the battery it works fine, steady at 12.0.

    I think I can probably solve my problem by running them on seperate curcuits but I don't feel like taping into another 12v switched power source and running lines.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Seriously man...that's just sad. Run some wires. There may be an easier solution to your problem but I suggest finishing the job the right way by running the needed wires.

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