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Thread: Shutdown controller

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    Shutdown controller

    Iīve been searching around on this forum for a good shutdown controller but I havenīt found any. I am now using a simple RC circiut to create a pulse when I turn the ignition on. It works ok but the signals can get in the wrong phase if I just move my car a little bit or something like that. My wish is something like this:

    Take one signal from the computer so that I know that itīs on maybe from the 12V rail on the PSU. And one signal from the cars ignition on. When the ignition is on and the computer is off then send a pulse to the motherboard to turn it on, when the ignition is off and the computer is on then send a pulse to the board to turn it off and send a pulse once every minute when the computer is on and the ignition is still off.

    I am not so good at electronics maybe this could be a project for a good electronics guy out there

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    Your wish has been granted, see this thread .

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