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Thread: Chrome or Piano Black power button

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    Chrome or Piano Black power button

    anybody point me to a link for nice classy looking CPU power button? It doesn't have to be ATX compatible or fact, AT is probably preferable. I just want to build a switch for my remote trigger line...sometimes, when I'm making a short run, I don't want to turn on my computer and have it shutting down 5 minutes later.

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    Try one of these:

    That would be cool.


    Well sorry... if you forgot what they actually look like from the front.... look here:


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    I dont know where a link to one is but my shuttle has some pretty knobs on it. Are you using an inverter? or dc-dc? Ima use dc -dc and put a regular switch on the 12V line. When I was planning for an inveter I was going to use a momentary switch and a blue led. Make my own button. Sorry for no link, kinda hard to find power button parts. Well for a lazy butt like me

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    We've already played THIS game.



    This Thread

    Hopefully this helps a bit.

    Good luck and let us know what ou end up going with.


    Edit - Didn't someone have one of these really nice Aluminum - neon/LED switches with the PC circle/line power symbol?

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