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Thread: can i combine 2 PSU to get more power?

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    can i combine 2 PSU to get more power?

    more specifically, im trying to power a laptop in the car - but its gonna be a behemoth: Inspiron 8200 - 1.6Ghz processer, 30 GB HDD, 256 MB ram, plus a DVD drive. Im concerned that the radio shack power adaptor i have (universal laptop power adaptor) will not be able to supply enough amperage @ the 20V the dell needs.

    Can i get a second one (prob off ebay or something), set it to 20V too, and splice the wires together AFTER the regulators? So essentialy running them in parrallel?

    Opinions or advice welcome - thanks in advance.

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    Not a good idea, but one of those replacement power supplies from Radio Shack might do the trick: ICE power adapter

    All-in-one AC/DC notebook power adapter
    Plugs into standard vehcile power outlet
    Fits aircraft in-flight outlets
    Compatible with standard AC outlets
    Designed specifically for use with Apple, Compaq/HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Winbook notebooks
    AC input: 100-230V
    DC input: 11.5-16V, determined by individual itips Smart Connector
    Continuous power output: up to 70W
    Comes with 3-ft. AC input cord, 3-ft. DC input cord and 6-ft. DC output cord
    Dimensions: (LWH) 5.4x2.15x0.85" (13.7x5.5x2.1cm)
    Weight: 6.8 oz. (192.8g)

    If 70W isn't enough (though I think it is for an 8200) then check out Powerstream, I belive they do 100W supplies.

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    i have one from radio shack that is 60 watts/3.75 amps and that just did not seem like enough. I guess i will find out - just out of curiousity, why can i not run two supplies together? (just because i am interested, dont know much about power/electricity so im gonna take your word for it, but i was just wondering....)

    thanks for the links and info!

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    Two things

    To figure out what you need just flip over the AC/DC supply that came with the laptop and read what's printed there to see how many amps at 20v it is rated for. That will tell you what you need from your DC/DC

    As far as running two DC/DC in parallel it's definatly a bed idea. They will very likley be regulating at very slightly different voltages which could lead to one of them trying to do all the work and the other doing nothing. If you're gonna get another DC/DC just get one that can handle the sys itself.

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