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Thread: New shutdown controller - software

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    quick update, tested it in the car today, and found that even when acc was on, the timer started counting down when program is first run. this meant turning acc off and back on to stop the timer.

    i redid the code so when program runs, timer is off until you turn acc off. this is for serial only, parallel is fine.

    only catch now, is to use parallel, you must set the commport in settings.ini to 0, before it didnt matter what it was set to.

    i could probably optimize the code to remove that and clean it all up a lot, but it currently works fine, read the readme and/or the settings.ini and you should be fine.

    link is still the same, just updated files in the .rar

    any other bugs/problems, let me know

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    I stumbled across this thread and looked at the product at TheCarPCStore site, and it sounds like this could be the answer to my problem. I don't think I can solder wires to my power switch, but my PC has a bios setting that will boot whenever power is applied. If this software +cable will shut it down correctly, I'm done. However, I have a Carnetix 2140 power supply, which is different from the ones on the web site. Can this shutdown controller work with this power supply? The carnetix has two wires that are supposed to be soldered to the power button to simulate a momentary switch. If I connect these wires to the two leads on the end of the serial cable, will this work? I would really appreciate any advice on this one.


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    the links are dead! Can anybody send me a prog of post#1 which shuts PC by connecting pins of com-port? thax a lot, if will)))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Botyfalf View Post
    the links are dead! Can anybody send me a prog of post#1 which shuts PC by connecting pins of com-port? thax a lot, if will)))
    Welcome to the forum. Next time though, read through the whole thread. Yes, the original (and later updated versions) are gone probably because this thread is almost five years old... However, go look at posts #76 & 87 and see if those might work for you.

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