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Thread: Prolly dumb question, but maybe not

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    Prolly dumb question, but maybe not

    I am just starting out building my system. ordered the screen and hard drive today... anyway i was checking what you guess were using for power supplys and found that your using the opus sfx-12-15 or the other one still in beta...

    Why? i have read all the stuff it does but why cant it be as simple as a power inverter (maybe $20) wired hot to the car, and computer plugged into it. that whay it will always be running and have power no matter if you staring the car etc....
    And of corse you'll wanna shut it down when the car goes off so just press the standby button on media engine or wire a small power button in your dash and make it in BIOS so when you push it it goes stand by. Just like a factory radio, just tap it really quick before turning off the car.

    Whats the flaw with my thinking? i know some of yall are like "dduuhhh" but remember you had to ask the question before too

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    Power Inverters cause interference with speakers. Inverters are also very inefficient. Converting the power from DC-AC-DC its going to waste a lot of power. The Opus also has a shutdown controller to make things a lot easier.

    Inverters are a cheap solution to the power issue, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    Edit: This is a dumb question. It has been asked many many times and there is a search feature on the forum.
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    inverter doesn't survive a crank. you will have to reboot.

    That is the short answer

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    So what, if any...other setups are people running? In other words, what are my options and what are the pros and cons?

    I wish you guys had a good sticky in each forum...the search function for some of these things is like looking for a needle in a haystack...

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