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Thread: Wire Inverter (-) to Battery or Chassis??

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    Wire Inverter (-) to Battery or Chassis??

    I've searched around on here for awhile and can't really find a good answer to sway me one way or the other. I'd rather hear from people who actually have inverters installed and little or no noise in their systems. I've been installing Car Audio gear since I was like 12 years old. I've always just grounded my Amps to a good chassis ground with short cable of the same gauge as the power cable. I'm about to install an inverter and every manual I can find on the web as well as the one that came with my inverter says to run both power and ground wires directly from the battery. Is there something that different between an amplifier and an inverter that they should be wired differently? If it is worth it I will run the negative back up to the battery, but it would cut my wire cost in half if I didn't need to.
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    You don't need to. A lot of cars (such as mine) have nothing running from the negative battery terminal. Everything is grounded anyway. I would wire it up nicely like you do a very powerful amp. It seems you have one of the larger inverters that don't use a cigarette lighter.
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    i would ground it as close as possible and beef up the ground cable from the battery to the ground.
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