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Thread: Powering USB 2.0 Hub off HDD +5v Rail - Any problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q_gamelogic
    if you gonna let it get power from psu .... why not buy a self powered one .... one that works off the usb 2.0 power from mobo .. (that inturn gets it from the psu ) .... so .. seems kinda useless to get it from the same source
    actuly you dont want a self powered one.. it wont be able to run say a CD drive off a self powered one

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    well the DVD drive is self-powered, too.. I'll just have this IDE -> USB adapater (on ebay for $29) to convert and run the signal over the longer distance which USB can take me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defiler
    Sorry, was thinking USB Plus power...
    LOL, that uses completely different cables (since you certainly burn a standard USB cable with that kind of power). I'm not aware of any system boards using this standard so in a carPC environment, you'd still need an external USB+Power hub and that hub would still require external power (sigh). Moreover, since none of the typical USB devices support the USB + Power standard, high current devices would require an adapter to suck the power off the USB + Power cables. This looks like a no-winner, at least in the short term.

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