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Thread: Dc-Dc Atx Options?

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    Dc-Dc Atx Options? Possible Schematic?

    I know there have been plenty of posts about options other than Opus and other expensive power supplies, but i think we need to brain storm about some practical solutions to the budget minded car-puters. So would everyone like to list some options about powering ther puters that worked for them?
    A wonderful idea would be for someone to post the schematic of how to buy a new transformer to re-soder into the AC-DC atx to make it Dc-Dc using preslabs example in Anyone try a Forward Converter?
    I personally am up to some electronics, but when it comes to rewinding transformers thats a little beyond my scope. Just buying a new one would be a lot cheaper.

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    there have been posts of 200 watt power suppies (dc-dc) .. seem pretty good ... even if it ouputs only a 100 watts .,.. still at 60$ its a good price

    new 200 watt PW200M DC DC converter?

    at least thats what i think .... or an airse power supply (those are more trusted) 120watts like 70-80$ ... still much better then 200$ or 150$.. for opus .... 150watt .. witch is very difficoult to get .. at even those prices..

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    Convert Ac Atx to DC Atx in easy steps?

    As cheap as 120VAC atx adapters are (15-50 dollars) someone here has to know of an easy way to modify them to accept 8-15VDC input? This would solve A LOT of peoples problems with power supplies not to mention Major $$$$. So anyone up to explaining how to do this in a simple to understand method?? Thanks!

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