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Thread: Power lead for the OPUS

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    Smile Power lead for the OPUS

    Hi all this is my first postso please go easy if im sounding stupid ... i have tried ing the fourms but i have no idea what power lead to use from the car battery to the OPUS power supply. I have not got the powersupply at the moment but should have it by the weekend. I have seen this cable just wondering if this be the correct lead to get.

    Carputer set up
    Opus 150w power supply (on order)
    Epia Mini-itx
    200GB HDD (on order)
    256MB memory
    Laptop slot in dvd/cd-rw (on order)
    7" lilliput screen
    In-dash Housing form Armen great bloke (on order)

    Cheers all

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    Thats the kind of cable you want. You may just want to get a whole wiring set though.

    Something like this:

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    Hi thanks for the reply just have to find one of these sets now that will ship to the uk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripsurf
    Hi thanks for the reply just have to find one of these sets now that will ship to the uk
    Go to Halfords or a preferably a local car audio shop and ask for an Amp wiring kit. Alternatively, just tell them what you are doing and what you need, then they will be able to give you the right things.

    That will probably be cheaper and quicker than getting it shipped to the UK.

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    You could power a small army of 150W opus power supplies off a 4ga wire. The Opus user spec calls for 12ga which is likley overkill already baced on the fact that it has a 15amp fuse (12ga is good for something like 40.) Using 12ga will be cheaper and a lot easier because it's more flexable and easier to work with. Don't forget to put a fuse in line just off the battery. A atc style fuse will work well and the holders for that type are less expensive than those for higher capacity fuses. Just make sure the fuse holder's leads are also 12ga.

    You can get a lot of this stuff pretty cheap at

    As a word of caution however, before you go to the trouble of wiring the car think long and hard about where your project is going to end. I know this guy who i won't name but he looks a lot like me. He origionally planned to build a pc into his car and leave the stero stock so he used 12ga wire. Well eventually (a few weeks later) he decided to put in a couple of amps, a sub and new speakers all arround to go with his cool car pc and he had to redo the power wiring to support the amps

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