I have searched and looked through many threads in the power supplies section, but could not find an answer.

I'm new to the carPC scene and have been planning to put one together soon. As I was planning my setup I realized I don't know how I'll provided power to the various devices.

The 3 devices that will need power will be:
xenarc screen
USB hub

I was thinking about using an inverter, but the inverter only has one outlet. I was thinking about hooking up a powerstrip to the inverter so that I will have multiple outlets. This way I will be able to power any other devices I plan to use. My main concern is will this safe? Is there a better way of doing it?

I plan on having three switches. One switch to allow power to the inverter (it will be permenantly in on position), another for the LCD, and another for the PC. I have read in another thread about someone using a relay switch for the inverter. How exactly does this work?

I also plan on using a laptop DVD-rom drive, but is there an IDE cable long if I were to put the PC in the trunk?