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Thread: Seeking: 300watt, DC to DC, ATX, PS that will take 12 volt input from a Solar setup.

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    Question Seeking: 300watt, DC to DC, ATX, PS that will take 12 volt input from a Solar setup.

    I have a 12-volt solar system with batteries on my RV. I want to be able to run a mid-tower ATX system off of it without wasting the power to convert my DC to AC with an inverter, then back to DC again with a normal AC Power supply.

    No, I don't want a notebook, too many issues with that. And Micro-ATX or ITX is a little non-standard at this point, I want to stick with other components I can easily replace, hence normal ATX. (If I can't find an ATX i'll probably just invert, but I hate to)

    Anyone know of such a Power Supply?


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    Maestro may be able to help here. My only though was two opus 150W supplies, run the mb fans etc on one and the drives on the other.

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    is it possible to get 300 watt from a reasonable sized solar cell in the first place ?

    Wouldnt the size of the cell have to be larger than the roof of most vehicles ?

    'scuse my ignorance if I am a bit in the dark so to say,

    I run a 170w 12vDC/DC ATX power supply that drives a fulle size ATX mobo, AMD XP processor, GeForce 4 card, 7200 rpm drive, DVD rom, gps, DeltaDash, usb hubs, wireless mouse and griffin powermate and it survives a crank, cant think why you would need 300w just my 0.000000002 cents with the exchange rate the way it is its not worth much.....but to me
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    Las MK-4.5 which is comming soon... Has enough juice for your needs.

    If you can wait then it will be worth it


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    MicroATX is just as standard as regular ATX at this point why do you think its not? I also agree with SAScooby, why do you think you need 300 watts??? ATX motherboards shouldn't consume more power then a MicroATX motherboard either, which shouldn't be more then 150watts unless your running multiple drives or something really extreme. My anthlon 2000+, geforce 4, and 7200 rpm drive only consume 100 watts at peak usage. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    300W running on Solar, that is IMPOSSIBLE on any vehicle on the road today.
    MicroATX and ATX are every much the same. The only thing I see that are different between the 2 are size, and onboard sound, graphic, expansion slot.
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    I think 300w is overkill. I'm waiting for Mastero to come out with the MK-4.5 to see how it runs and how much it costs. Most likely I'll be going with the MK-4, which I think will be plenty of power.
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    Orbit micro have a 250W ATX 12V DC-DC PSU.

    I have one and it's ok, standard ATX size.

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    Not possible? The man did say he has batteries in his system.

    The biggest DC-DC ATX PSU that I have seen is a 250W. Made by Keypower, and sometimes rebranded by others like Orbit.

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    Yeah, 250 watts would probably do it. Where is this one sold?

    I've just got alot of hardware in this system, Radeon 9800, 3 Hard Drives, video capture card, DVD-RW, heh.

    As for the solar system it's running 2000 watts of solar panels, a wind turbine and if I need it an unleaded generator. So there aren't many situations I can't handle.

    (I mean I have a LaserJet 6p in the mix, as well as when I kick on the AC it has a huge draw. The generator is linked to the voltage regulating system in the RV, so it turns on automatically when situations demand. I wish I knew more about power.. learning slowly :P)

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