Hate to resurrect such an old thread, but I guess that's what I get for doing a on

Anyway, I misread my Celeron 2.4GHz Opus 150's specs thinking it would be enough but it wasn't. My CPU draws 58W (thought it was 50) and the Opus 150 for the Shuttle XPC outputs only 5A (not 6) on the 12V rail. So needless to say I'm running into power issues.

I'm right on the threshold however - it will boot from a start and run fine for hours most of the time, but if I try to reset it (or shut down and restart w/o waiting a looong time), the HDD won't spin up. Sometimes while running the video will drop too.

So I'm looking at underclocking (which is how I found this thread) - does anyone have any recommendations? I've never under/overclocked a CPU, and haven't manually set clocks and multipliers since the days of jumpering them manually on the board. Should I try to lower the clock from 133 down to 100 or should I play with the multiplier? Doesn't really matter to me which would be more/less performance, I've got plenty of GHz to spare for the function - it's just what came cheap in a nice small formfactor. I just want to keep the thing stable and drawing as little power as I can - right now I only have my HDD hooked up (and don't really want to go to a 2.5" 5V drive because I'm using a good chunk of my 250GB 3.5").

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.