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Thread: GM vehicles and/or Side Post Batteries

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    Quote Originally Posted by eugenen
    Yep they have been attached to the battery in my 88 s-10 for years, only removed a few times to replace the battery. I have had more problems with the top post terminals, our chrysler would get funky if I didn't clean the terminals every few months (crappy mitsubishi electronics.)
    Top post batteries are notorious for doing that.
    Especially if you ever remove the terminals.
    They need to be cleaned all the time.

    Side post batteries rarely ever have that problem...

    On a side note, top post battery cables can be bought pre-made down to 0 gauge. Side post I've never seen thicker pre-made 2-4 gauge...


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    thanks for all the info, i probably will understand it all a bit better when i can actually get under the hood and take the bolts out.
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC

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    On my Buick, I decided against connecting straight to the battery. Instead, I traced the positive wire and found that it ended at a much friendlier bolt at the internal fuse/distribution box. I tied my circuit in right there. It's electrically identical to being hooked straight to the battery, and nothing special was needed. The bolt for the distribution post was long enough that I could put a ring connector in between it and the distribution array.

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