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Thread: Laptop Power-Up

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    Laptop Power-Up

    Hi Everyone,

    Long-time reader, first-time poster. I've been contemplating installing a carputer as long as I can remember, and I've been readining these forums religiously for a few months now. I'm happy to see there's a whole community of people as crazy for geeky gadgets as me.

    After much reading, searching and thinking, I think I've finally got a decent plan.

    My Plan:
    -Compaq x1058CL Laptop Specs:
    Centrino 1.4Ghz, 80GB, 512MB, WIFI & BT, DVD/CDRW
    -12v to 18v DC-DC car adapter
    -Docking station & laptop on slide out platform underneath passenger seat
    -Lilliput 8" 4x3 (if it will fit custom installed) otherwise, lilli 7" 16x9
    -Shutdown based on XP power settings (standby after 5 or 10 minutes of battery power; hybernate @ 50% laptop battery)
    -Startup using a Coyote-like internal circuit (TBD) when power applied through docking station
    -XM, GPS, BT PhoneControl, OBD-II, optional internet through BT phone
    -Touchscreen, voice commands, BT stowaway keyboard (I'd like to see a BT or USB thumboard w/ trackball or mouse joystick that works with a PC)
    -MP3 CD player HU with aux-in

    What I have so far is: Ford Escape, the laptop with XP Pro, SoundMax Superbeam (far-field array microphone), GPSmart BT/USB GPS reciever, Routis 2004, frodo/MC. An extra 7" monitor (low-res, maybe for use in back seat later).

    [my laptop bios has no wake options]
    ---Coyote -- I like your modification for auto-power-up on the lilliput. It's one of the first mods I plan on making.
    What I'd like to do is wire in a similar circuit inside my laptop such that: When the computer is in sleep or hibernate, and the charging power (18v) is switched-on through the docking connector, (but not the side charging port), it will momentarily press the power button and in all other conditions do nothing. Of course I'd also like the power button to still work normally.
    I was thinking that a simple circuit could send a pulse to press the button when power is applied to the docking connector, only when USB (or maybe a Comm Port pin) is NOT powered. What are your thoughts?

    ---Everyone, Please feel free to post any comments with some criticisms for me. I'm currently deployed and have almost two more months just to read the forums and finalize my plans before I go home and start tearing apart my dash.

    Thanks in advance for all your posts.


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    Hey Rob,
    How is your project coming? I have an Escape too and would like to see what you did. Also, did you figure out how your are going to swith on your laptop?


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