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Thread: Two questions about alternator and battery

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    Two questions about alternator and battery

    First question is what can I buy and how much (~) would it cost so that I can test my alternator under different situations...i.e. cranking, idle, with electonics on/with electronics off. Second question are there any advantages with having more CCA's than you need? Would this help me survive crank or is it all about the Voltage? Guess that's three questions.

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    You can use a simple multimeter to test your alternator. You can get a decent one for about 10 bux at radioshack.

    CCA's are exactly what the name implies. The more you have, the better chance your battery will start your car on a cold day.

    You voltage will probably still drop, so your best bet is a DC convertor that will take a wide range of input voltage.
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