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Thread: powering LCD off my opus

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    powering LCD off my opus

    ok i have a opus 150w

    im going to run a athlon XP 1700+ and 512 ram onboard video. 200gig hard drive 2 80mm fan's CPU fan. in the trunk

    up front im going to run a 15" desktop LCD monitor and a 52xCDrw.

    the 15" is ment to be run off 115v AC at 1.5amp

    but it converts it to 12v to power the actuly LCD.

    if my math is right at 12v thats 16amps

    alot more then a opus can push.

    should i use a DC/AC converter. or maybe find a high amp DC/DC 12v

    but then the screen will turn off during crank and the monitor wont.

    any idea's welcome

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    It's actually probably a couple amps straight 12v. I have a Samsung 15" LCD and the power supply says it is rated to output 12V at something like 2 amps, and I'd think it's unlikely your 15" takes 10x power.

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    the opus only has 5amps at 12 volts. would this be enuf?

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    i just used a volt meater on the DC power to the LCD it draw's 1.8amp at 12v

    i havent tested it on my opus yet

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    I tried to run my 12V 10.4 TFT from the Opus. I found the Opus could not handle the inrush current when I switched on the screen. You can read all about it in my post called limit inrush current (which is not solved yet by the way).

    I would be interested to know if you succeed with your 15 LCD on the Opus.

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