Hi guys, i am in the middle of putting together my car PC, and i am trying to buy the last piece - the PSU...

Now to start, i have invested a total of around AUD$250 into this project, so i have no intention of paying more on a PSU than the rest of the PC!! (puts the opus out of the picture).

Now, i have an Epia 800 Mobo, LT HDD, Slim DVD, and i think the only USB device i am interested in is a GPS mouse; so my power requirements are low.

I was interested in the PW60/PW60A PSUs since they are on special now, at US$35 and US$45 respectively. I plan on building my own regulator to make sure voltage stays steady above 12V

The problem is that shipping from USA to Australia will cost around US$52!!! That means that by the time it has landed it will cost me the same as a Morex Mini-ATX + PSU (bought locally)

So my question is, is the PW60 any better than the PSU that is inside a Morex case? Any comments?