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Thread: MP3Car 200W psu info?

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    MP3Car 200W psu info?

    I was browsing the mp3car store when I saw they added new items, one of which was a 200W psu. It says made by iTuner but i couldn't find any info on it on their website and there are no numerical specs(other than 200W and 12V) on the mp3car info page. Anyone have any info on it? Ziplock?

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    What you need to know about it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vcbb5
    What you need to know about it?
    Does it survive a crank. Will it do auto shutdown/startup. If so, will opus take my power supply back
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    I would steer clear if I was you. I believe about 140W of the 200W is unregulated 12V passed straight through.
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