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Thread: switched +12V for LCD, amp & opus?

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    switched +12V for LCD, amp & opus?

    I am at the stage where I need to get the power wiring figured out. I've never done this before, so I am a little paranoid.

    I only have 1 switched +12V line from my stereo harness. Will I run into any problems if I split this between the monitor, amp and opus (150W model)? My concern comes from the fact that I would be using the same splice point to provide power the monitor, (which will draw ~ 1A) and the opus/amp switched inputs (signal only, so ~ 10 mA). I don't think it will be a problem, but I'm not an electrical engineer...

    The alternative is that I use the +12 non-switched to power the monitor, but I'd prefer not to do this. Or, maybe I can dig around in my Saturn's electrical system with a multimeter until I find the ignition wire and use this for the opus/amp (also not preferred).

    I've been reading up, but I don't see this question directly addressed. I've already learned a lot, so thanks for all the help!

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    Power your monitor off the Opus. That's the biggest draw. Once you do that, the power requirements for switching the OPus and your amp are well within the capabillity of your head unit.

    I use my HU switch line to switch my Opus AND power an FM Modulator. This is hardly ideal usage of it, but it works fine. Take the monitor out of the equation and you'll be golden.

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    Relays were made for this purpose. If you are worried about drawn power then use one. Problem solved.

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    You'll be alright with this setup. No need for extra relays, etc.

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