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Thread: Switched 12v

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    Switched 12v

    Does the Opus/ITPS/Others draw a large current from the 12v switched line?

    My car uses intelligent switching via the CAN bus, so a switched 12v line isn't available from the stereo. I've tapped into a line which is switched 12v and I use that to turn on my amp/car kit (they just use the 12v as a 'sense' voltage).
    Problem is, I don't know how much current this line can handle - not a lot I wouldn't think.

    Would an Opus be suitable, or does it actually use the 12v switched for power?

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    it dosent use 12v switched for power, in fact it draws hardly any current from the ignition line, but if u have multiple devices running like amps as well it might be a good idea to use a relay

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    The Opus/Carnetix etc uses probably <20ma on the switched 12V line, all they do is sense for voltage on that line, they don't use it for power, that is what the nice thick cable that you will install directly to your battery (with a fuse near the battery!) will do

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