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Thread: Dell SX 270 Power Supply ??

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    Dell SX 270 Power Supply ??

    Ok I have my hands on a Dell Small Form Factor SX270. It is a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz.. I have decided to try and fit this into my truck, but I dont know what type of power conversion I should use. Right now where it sits on my Desk it has a AC adapter

    Model # ADP-150BB
    Input 100-240V~1.8A 50-60Hz
    Output 12V -- 12.5A

    What is the best way of supplying power to this box ? BTW my truck is a F150 Supercrew.



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    I am going to go with the best type of way to power this would to be with the


    power supply, it works well.

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    LOL .. thx for the help ... I am searching .. Just asking for suggestions ...

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    Is it one of the ultra small 1? or just the mini?
    Ultra Small I think is a DC unit as the mini is an AC unit.
    You can tell cause the Ultra has 1 of those blocks power cord while the mini uses regular PC cords.
    DC unit, I think you can get away with one of those cig adapter. Just make sure all the numbers are right.
    DC...inverter......................or............. .......get an opus and stuff it in there.

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    It is the ultra small one cause it has the AC adapter built into the cord. My main concern is power up and shutdown. I dont want to fry the box and of course since it will be running windows I want it to run as smooth as possible.

    I guess after I find the correct way to power my unit, I am also looking for ideas on how everyone set theirs up. I mean when you shut off the car does the unit just get killed? That cant be good...

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    Hey Poni,
    What did you decide on the power supply? Did you Opus it? Hows it running? I might do a similar setup in my S10.

    is key.
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