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Thread: Power question

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    They make 5V 5A regulators (I think Linear might make one).

    As mentioned don't try to parallel them.

    Also note, if your hub draws 2A you will be dropping ~9V across your regulator generating 18W of heat. You will definitely need a heat sink for that.

    Without knowing the USB spec off the top of my head, and without knowing how many ports you have, I am going to guess USB provides for 500ma per port (and a guess is you have 4 ports) for 2A, and then 100ma to run the logic in the hub.

    It is entirely possible you will need a very miniscule heat sink for this, just be aware of it.

    For the capacitors put a .01uF and a 10uF on both input and output (maybe a bit bigger one on the output) and you should be fine.

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    The caps I would got with a .01uF and a 1000uF rated AT LEAST 24V

    you could rip apart the wall adapter and see what kind of goodies it has.
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    Ok, I went by rat shack and picked up a .01uF and 1000uF capacitors as well as a small square of bread board, small project box, and heat sink and thermal paste. I looked at voltage regulators and all they had were 5v at 1amp so I found a 5v 3amp on the internet and ordered it. One more question, which capacitor goes where? 1000uF on the input side or the output?

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    Hey Cyber let me know how this works out. I have the same issue.

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