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Thread: Can't get my OPUS to power up PC

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    Can't get my OPUS to power up PC

    Hi and thanks in advance for your help
    I've just changed from an inverter to an opus 150w (shuttle version) and have encountered a bit of a problem.
    My 12v+ is an 8 guage direct feed from the battery with an inline fuse 4" from the battery terminal, my ground is also 8 guage and runs to a big bolt under my rear seat (this is where my inverter used to ground, and my amps too), my ACC line is from the original feed for the headunit i no longer need.
    In ignition off I get a solid reading from the 12v+ using my ground wire to test, and 0 from the acc. In ignition on i get a solid reading from both.

    I used to have a power button in the dash which ran from the MoBo directly (in this shuttle mobo there is no seperate block for power, reset, and leds, instead there is a single block with a multi connector) i worked out which 2 leads started the power snipped them and wired to the front, where they worked fine for months. I have attached the green/white wire to these snipped cables.

    When I start the car the PC powers up for a moment then looses power, off for 5 or seconds and then blips on again, etc...etc...
    It starts just long enough to spin the fans on the case and video card and then off

    Any help would be well appriciated
    <small>Opus 150w Shuttle dc-dc
    shuttle xpc
    athlon 1400
    256Mb pc2100 DDR
    80Gb HDD
    Sony DVD/CDR
    GeForce MX440</small>

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    try flipping the wires that go from the opus to the power switch header, and check for anything grounding out
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    sounds like your powerbutton is set on push on. PCs will automatically turn themselves off when the power button is pressed for 4-5 seconds. Check to make sure the wire is not constantly in contact

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    Hi just had this problem! It turned out that the Push Button I purchased was the wrong type. Instead of push for on it was push for off. As stated above, holding the push button (power button) for 4 seconds powers the PC off. To test this theory, hold the push button down, start the car, keep holding the button down. If it continues to boot up, you have found your problem. You will need a different type of push button. (I'm temporarily using one from an old computer case).
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