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Thread: external Hard drive off opus

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    external Hard drive off opus

    I use an external hard drive to transfer files, movies, etc. i wanted to hook it up car-pc (which is not in car yet) I wanted to know how to make a power adapter so i don't have to use and inverter while using hard drive in car. It seems kinda silly to go 12v-120v-12v.
    The back of it is similar to a ps/2 except for a black space for the top right pin. The diagram on the back says the top left pin is 5v and the bottom left is 12v. The right two are com i think. I don't know if there is a way to convert this to molex or not. I am going to be running it off a opus 150w. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you know the pinout of the harddrive's connector (and it sounds like you do) then you can wire a molex for power. I am confused about your description of the connector. Does this connector run from a wallwart to the harddrive? If so, you can run the yellow molex wire to +12v, run the red to +5v, and run the common (ground) leads to the black wires.

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    I did this, and it works fine!

    My external hard drive also has a mini-din type power plug. I bought a PS/2 male to male cable (used for Belkin KVMs) and cut one end off and wired it to a Molex. It connects to my Opus 90 and works great!

    The advantage to this is that I don't have to cut up the actual power adapter so I can still power it when I'm at home and copying stuff back and forth from my home PC.

    Use a multimeter to figure out the pinout/cable diagram and you'll be fine.

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    i Didn't know if you had to pull on of the pins on the ps/2 connector, and that was my exact hope as to not have to mangle the power adapter that came with it. Thanks alot for the info.

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