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finally after troubleshooting for over a month I figure that OPUS is to blame. I can run my carputer on inverter (250W) with AC PSU for days without any problem. However, as soon as I put in OPUS 150W, windows freezes.

Sometimes windows will not go past the welcome screen and I will lose signal. At other times, it loads desktop partially and freezes. And of course, there are random freezes when using OPUS.

I've tried two different machines (p4 2.4 and athlong 1ghz) with same symptoms.

I gave Kris a call and he's asked me to bring it in so he could take a look. At this point, I'm thinking either the OPUS is actually bad or there's a compatibility issue between both of my MBs.

Any insights?


Edit: Btw, I'm only powering a regular 20gb harddrive off the computer with a keyboard. There are no peripherals attached. I've also disabled all built in devices like serial, parallel, sound...etc
I know this is not a power issue (shortage) or a heat issue...
I saw a similar problem in another thread. The solution was an 8G wire. The guy was using 12G or 14G. Opus was doing fine, just at higher loads it couldnet suck enough power off the battery. What Gauge are you using and how did you ground it (chasis or wire)?