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Thread: Power on After shutoff?

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    Power on After shutoff?

    OK so my carputer is basically all set except i mounted a slim USB passive hub in my middle console. It ahs this little blue LED light on it when it recieves power. After i shut the car off......even though the computer is not on....that little LED stays on? Why? and is that drawing any power worth taking note of? the same happens with the light on my mouse. Also on my lilliput 7" touch......i guess my cigarette plug isnt switched on with the ignition. If it stops recieveing signal.......does it automatically go into standby mode and if it does is it drawing again any significant amount of power?
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    If you have a opus then justv put a relay onthe power to it .Then then the opus shuts down the computer it will turn the power line off.the only down side is that you will still have to power the opus on manualy via switch to the relay,kinda like a startup button.This woks for my friend he has a RSX Type S

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