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Thread: Testing with standard AC supply

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    Question Testing with standard AC supply

    I have a PW-70a, and it hasnt been tested in the six months ive had it. so im testing it tonight.

    now, just to make sure, im testing its functionality with my 250w ATX power supply. im plugging in the 12v and ground into the power supply's power lead


    >>>>>>>_>_>>>>>>>>>DC-DC power supply
    --G----|o|| |


    this should work just fine, but im just double checking. i want to make sure this power supply works, and i want to do it while im still waiting for my casetronics regulator
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    You may find that your standard "250W" power supply won't give you enough power on the 12V line to power the PW-70A.

    I tried this using my Enermax 350W power supply, and it wouldn't provide enough power to the DC-DC supply.

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    well the psu is P4 ready, and the p4 does eat alot of juice.

    theres only one way to find out. ill be back with a conclusion later tonight when i get off work.
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    There are only 2 ways to test the carpc on the bench

    1) test everything with the AC-DC supply, replace it with the DC-DC in the car & see what happens.

    2) Get a ratshack 12v cigarette lighter socket supply (or similar). They have a 3 amp, 13.8v version now - which isn't powerful enough. I think they used to have a 6amp version, but I cna't find it any more. Anything that puts out ~13.8v at 7+ amps should do.
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    I used the adapter from an old Single Board Computer appliance ... gives me about 6.5 Amps if I'm not mistaking. I put a switch in there to simulate the ignition lead and it is all good.

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    i tried it today and it didnt work... then i realized that its not going to work. ATX PSU's needs a signal from the board to turn on and off, and there is no signal (this is all so obvious...why didnt i think of that?) ... lucky for me i have an AT supply around here somewhere, just turn that baby on and get oh, say 6a maybe.

    but in other news tested my epia, specialty keyboard, software, and lcd. all working

    now just waitin for the regulator.
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