im about to start with my project and have a few questions concering the powering:

1. is it safe to run the IGN-cable of my opus psu to the car-radio ign? or do i have to dig out the "real" ign-cord and attach it there?

2. lets say id like to have the option of powering the puter when i want: either with the ign or by request, would following work?
i put a switch inbetween the car-ign-lead and the opus ign-lead. that way the PC would only boot if the switch is on
say i have the switch on 0 an decide to boot the PC while driving, would flipping said switch to 1 start the machine?

3. is there a simple mod on how to make the lilliput switch on and off together with the pc? i found a mod here, but im not sure if im up to it....

thanks for any replies..