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Thread: no high amp alternator?

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    no high amp alternator?

    What would be a alternative to a high current output alternator. I went to o'reileys and they told me that they do not make a 120 amp alt. for my type of car. So basically im screwed some how because even a new battery wont do me any good if the alt. cannot keep up with the load to charge it while my componets are powered.

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    You can take it to an alternator place to have your current one rewound...

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    Look around on the net first. I went to an auto parts store and asked for a high-output alternator, my stock one is 105A. They said they have a 130A one. I said "You don't have like a 200A or a 220A one?" "Oh no! They don't want you to electrocute yourself!" Okaaaaaaaay.... thankyouverymuch.

    Dude didn't know what the hell he was talking about. They make them up to 250A that I know of.
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    Yes, LittleDragon is correct you can go to an alternator/starter repair shop and have it rebuilt for more amps. Check the yellow pages under automotive for places that only recondition alternators and starters, places like that have the expertise to do it for you although it may take a week or two maybe more depending on the work they have to do.
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