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Thread: 2 OPUS and seperate power source for Video & sound card

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    2 OPUS and seperate power source for Video & sound card

    What would be the best way to connect two OPUS together to give me 300watt of power ?

    I know if I wire them in in parallel then the voltage will stay the same. So in this case do I just wire the wires the goes to the molex plug in parallel ?

    Another question is, will I be able to supply power to the sound and video card seperately ? Or does it have to get power from the mother board ?

    If I could supply to them seperately, then I could use one OPUS for motherboard, ram, harddrive, DVD, fan, etc, and the other OPUS for the sound and video card plus a few LCD screen.

    Will my idea work ?

    I am just preparing myself IN CASE if one OPUS is not sufficient for my system.
    Thanks for anyone's input.

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    why not just wire up your different things to different power supplies. like motherboard and hard drive to one and sound and lilliput to another etc etc

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    Anything plugged into the PCI or AGP bus derives some power through the motherboard, so you won't be able to individually power those.

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    What kind of system do you plan to install?
    Do you plan to use an high end video card (with Molex power plug) with high end cpu and a lot of disks?
    Instead of bridging all the connectors you may want to try bridging only grounds: I think it's safer and the voltage will stay in the tolerances. Use the first unit only for the MB/lcd and the other for drives/video card.
    If you plan to do so, ask to opus support: they'll surely have an answer.

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