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Thread: Anyone put an Opus inside the case?

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    Anyone put an Opus inside the case?

    I have Cubid 2688 case, that I put my Opus power supply inside of. Tooks some hacking of the cradle for the HD but that didn't matter since I use a laptop HD and didn't need that much room. Anyway I have it all mounted, and I used the standard fans that come with this case blowing across the Opus power supply.

    Anyone else done this and been using it for a while? If so any problems with heat?

    Note the biggest difference is that these are two small fans as opposed to the single larger fan that comes with the opus, plus they are blowing across not down onto the Opus like the stock Opus fan.

    I'm not putting too much of a load on it I have the 150w version of the Opus and I only use a laptop DVD drive, laptop HD that's it. My GPS is powered directly by the car, and so is my screen.

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    I did that in my case, not had a single problem.

    A few others have done this too

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    Yup, mounted mine on the side wall of my Micro-ATX case using nylon standoffs. I used velcro to position the fan to blow air over the supply. Works fine (if only it'd turn on the Biostar!)
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    Great thanks, I didn't think it should be a problem but wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one doing this. I like that EVERYTHING is inside the case now it goes under the seat and then it's just connections for audio, display, touch, and GPS. Makes it easier if I need to take it inside for anything.

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    I did the same w/ my case (Q Box or Q Box 2. had to cut a bit - mounted 2 fans inplace of old PSU, mounted Opus on piece of lexan cut to fit into hdd bay. use laptop hdd.
    I hada slight problem with mine, but I don't know if its vibration, disk speed, or heat.

    All my problems began when I upgraded to a 7200 RPM Laptop HDD. (I hada 5200) the pc started to lock up and hdd would fail on boot (no boot device found...) It seemed like the system would freeze if I hit a bump in the road... but when I would try a reboot , it would not come back up. Finally I laid down the back seat to get some ac into the trunk area, and then the system came up fine.

    I dono. Maybe the heat combined with the faster drive made it more sensitive. I sold the car and am working to finsih my new system right now. everything fits under the drivers seat, so heat should not be a problem.
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