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Thread: Opus or Mastero MK-4

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    Opus or Mastero MK-4

    Due to power supply dying on me, im in the new market for one. Right now im caught inbetween the mk-4 and opus 150 but have a few questions about each before i make my decision

    I have a biostar n7ngc 400 motherboard that i use in my system. Currently I'm using a reg. psu w/ inverter to power the system. The system is set to resume power after loss in the bios, and I have programmed a button my my lcd to turn of the computer. Ideally I would like to eliminate hitting this button to turn of the machine before I turn off my car

    After reading about the incompatabiltiy of the opus and this motherboard, I have this question. Does the opus go into a comptely turned off state when it switches off so that the mother board will resume when I turn on the car? Also would the m7ncg be able to recieve the turn off signal from the opus w/o the modification. (I'm suspecting not)
    The reason I ask this is that im not too keen on having to resend the opus out again and wait to have the modifiction done after I get it(I didnt see an option to have the modification done when i bought it from

    My question is about the shutdown controller on the MK-4. would this shutdown controller work w/ the m7ncg? or would I still have the same problem that I would have with the opus? Im also presuming the mk-4 will work fine w/ a 1700xp

    Any feed back on which psu would be better for my system would be greatly appreciated.
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    I am not sure about that particular mobo, but if you are depend on "resume on power loss" to start the computer then Mastero SDC will work.
    The SDC will send a "push power button" when ACC power is cut (after the count down time 0~15 minutes) and will cut down power to the PSU after 0~3 minutes. It works fine with my Asus A7N8X-VM/400 mobo.
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    Call Kris at opus, see if there is a fix that they can do for your board. The opus has a three year warranty...and that's a good thang

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