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Thread: Not the ACC Wire....

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    Not the ACC Wire....

    i was wondering is there a wire that is only on, when the Engine is on. Not the ACC wire as that can be on when the engine is off. I want a wire that is only live when the engine is actually working. Something like the IGN wire or thereabouts, so I can hook up a relay safely to it.

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    You should be able to find something in the charger cirquit (regulator)... or build something around the system that makes your "alternator"-light go off when the engine runs...

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    Tach wire.

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    Depends on the vehilce, newer ones have a dozen or more fuses or relays that have power in the run section. The SUV body based off my truck has a rear defroster that gets power on run only and since I don't have a rear defroster i tapped off of there.

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    Try the accessory power vs the cigarette lighter... I have a jeep liberty which has a cigarette lighter which is switched (hot when ignition is on) and the accessory connector (spare cigarette socket for running accessories like powered pump etc) which is hot all the time.
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