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Thread: Morex 80w PSU not working?????

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    Morex 80w PSU not working?????

    I'v just hooked up my morex 80w psu and it doesnt seem to work

    When i hit the power button on the motherboard i heer a noise WINE but nothing happens

    I hooked it up as the instructions says (instructions didnt say much)

    i have the 12v into the power supply by the lighter socket and then i have the ATX cable from the PSU to the motherboard.

    Im using a ITX MII 6000 with a 600mhz fanless cpu so its not draining to much it wont start.

    They only have a 60watt car psu on there website

    That is what i got but the to power button wasnt on my sheet.

    Then there is this one about hooking it up to the battery

    It mentions the 4 pins on the board which i gather pin 1 and 2 go to the motherboard and pin 3 and 4 go to a button to turn on the PSU which turns on the Motherboard.

    I had it hooked it and flicked the motherboard switch then i pressed the 2 contacts on the PSU that says switch to the front and it didnt do anything

    makes a WINE noise when i push power on the motherboard and i pushed both contacts on the board where it says switch front panel but still nothing

    Does anyone have any idea?

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    My only comment at the minute is that if I understand you correctly you are not using the power switch, you are simply shorting across the two pins. I believe this needs a certain restiance rather than just shorting!
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    But a power switch from the PC is the same as shorting.

    I just modifyed a CD audio cable for the soundcard to connect from the PSU to the motherboard and i use the other 2 wires to start the psu and mb as shown in the second PDF and all i get is a WINE noise still

    Im still just shorting the to wires to start it but i get the wine but i short the pins from the PSU which makes the wine noise which only happened when i made the motherboard start up so it seems like the cable does make the motherboard switch go but it just wines nothing else

    On the DC hub a guy mentioned that the WINE noise could be that there isn't enough power through the lighter socket so i tryed it in another car and still the same so i dont know whats wrong maybe its a bad PSU ???

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