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Thread: CarTFT Power suply

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    CarTFT Power suply

    Hi, I'm new at the forum, and I have used the last month to read about the things you need in a car computer. And I decided to go with an opus, but i Europe I can only find one place that sells it ( ), but they are a bit pricy (280$)

    Buit then I accedently sees that CarTFT (where i'm planing to buy my Xenarc from) got a new DC/DC converter that also survives engine crank.

    Anybody who have an idea about i'ts worth buying, or should i still go after the opus ???

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    I think that the Opus is better because this thing just looks like it has no control. Unless you rig up something that instructs the carputer to hibernate when the key is off. Also, isn't the cigarette lighter unpowered when the key is off? I seem to think that it is. This however is a better solution than using an inverter (I have now) and wall warts plugged into the inverter (one for Lilliput and one for phone charger). Still perhaps Carnetix P-1260 is better than this because it is controlled similar to Opus(whenever it will become available again).
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