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Thread: AC-DC converter for opus?

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    AC-DC converter for opus?

    I'm gonna be building my system in a aluminum briefcase(same case different seller) and for times when I take it out of my car I was thinking about getting a AC-DC converter. My question is this; would a convertor like this produce enough amperage to run a system? I'm thinking not (90W/12V=7.5A>1), but maybe I'm something isn't clicking. Anyways that was the biggest one I saw on Will it work anyways since I'm calculating with peak power not actual draw? Does anyone know another source that has adapters putting out more current?

    If I can find one that works I will ditch whatever connector is on the adapter and replace it with a 4pin cb mic plug and connect the male version to the opus. On the connector side I'll short the pins going to the 12v and ign on the opus. I chose this connector over say a 3pin connector because the cb mic plug screws onto the jack.

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    So will this, and it's cheaper and lower profile - though the power supply above would be more useful for other projecting, if you're so inclined.

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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

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    Just fyi, I use a standard ATX PSU and hook in the 12 volts straight to the opus and it works like a charm. just in case you have a spare one lurking around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins

    actually there is a 50!!! amp model too. I used to work at radio shack. you have to order it. i think its like $99 or something. a guy i knew used to use em to jump start helicopters so i know they will power an opus or welder.... or your house... either or..
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