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Thread: I've soldered in my relay 4 different ways and it still won't work. Help please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wonderworm
    The problem is, the 400 watt inverter could power up the computer just fine until I finalized my relay install. Since the relay only powers the on/off switch, it should not affect the overall power drain or usage.
    1. My 400watt inverter used to power my computer fine.
    2. I wired in a small relay only on the switch and it made a loud beeping sound when powering up the pc and it never booted my computer properly.
    3. I tried different wiring setups for the small relay but none booted the PC.
    4. I Removed the relay completely, but the Inverter now can boot my laptop, but does not have enough juice to boot the carputer anymore.
    5. I tried a smaller 300watt inverter w/out relay and it can boot my pc just fine. The only problem is this inverter is loud as crap. annoying.

    Who thinks I screwed up my 400w inverter when the relay was in it and it was beeping. It used to work, now it only powers laptop. Fuses are fine, no overload light is on. PC just doesn't start when I press the power button.

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    Chances are you screwed something up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder
    Hey man, where you are, that may be, but here in the middle of nowhere, they charge a little more. And all they have are SPDT relays. Don't give me none of your big city crap.
    Lemme guess- i dont suppose you have a car wreckers in town.................. The are called automobile relays for a reason.....

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