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Thread: Aldi 300w Inverter for my Carputer?

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    Aldi 300w Inverter for my Carputer?

    Aldi in australia have a sale tommorrow where they have a 300w Power invertor for 59 aussie bucks! It says its 300w continuous power..

    my probs is i don't much about electronics, but i've been told it'll probs be square wave and what i need is sign wave..

    question is.. has anyone ran a pc off a square wave invertor without blowing it up?

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    Square seems a little unlikely, but modified sinewave will probably the outputform. I have run a PC without problems off such an inverter before.

    A true sinewave inverter will result in less chance at interference...

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    Go for it, i have 2 inverters running absolutley fine for my setup, survives crank etc. Even if you get problems im sure you will find a use for an inverter sometime.
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