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Thread: OPUS in a shuttle mini atx?

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    OPUS in a shuttle mini atx?

    Hi, i was lookin around and am thinking about getting an OPUS for a new computer. I think i might want some sort of shuttle case. I don't know which one for sure. I wanted to know if an OPUS fits in all or none or some?? anyone know?

    I did a search and came up with this, but i wanted to be absolutely sure if it works or not


    Quote Originally Posted by slffl
    Unless you already have all the tools and material, I would suggest buying a case.

    Shuttle MiniATX MB

    Pentium 2.4 or 2.8

    MiniATX case (Opus fits right in), this one works great depending on the vehicle your putting it in

    No need for a UPS, 2nd battery or alternator.

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    I remember a few months ago people on the boards talking about a bracket, available with the 150 watt Opus that makes it a direct replacement for the power supply that comes in most of the Shuttle XPC's. I haven't seen one, but they say it's a perfect fit. Check with Opus for confirmation.
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    I have an Opuws 150W in a shuttle case and fits perfect!!!

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    OPUS do make a shuttle bracket for the 150W supply.

    See here

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