I think this will work fine, but wanted to double check before I spend the $$.

I have installed a Xenarc 700TSV in my '02 Elantra, and have it hooked up to my laptop (which outputs to an amp). I have it hardwired to the cig power. So far so good. Now to put in the rest of everything.

I don't really want to deal with the USB always on thing that plagues the opus 150 (yes I know about the mod), so I would like to stay with the 90W. The cheaper price helps too. So, I plan to hardwire whatever I can to take the load off of the PSU.

So This is what I am thinking for my power setup:

Opus 90W: Motherboard (Onboard vid and sound), 512MB ram, USB Wireless card, USB GPS, USB to Xenarc, and an Athlon M processor of some sort.

Hardwire: Xenarc, USB enclosure for 3.5in HD, USB enclosure for Slot DVD.

Now, if there is an issue w/ hard wiring these, I could always use an inverter, as my car turns off the power to the cig jack when the car is off.

I'm don't see any issues with this, but I wanted to make sure, as most of the posts I found were kind of stale.