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Thread: UPS as power supply

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    Wink UPS as power supply

    Hi all, I see that nobody uses a UPS as the power supply.

    I have in my car a UPS, that's like an Inverter, but with better quality, don't stops, not power cuts,...

    I would like to have your opinion about that sollution.

    Yes,I know that you have to put a standard PSU in addition, but the price is so cheap,
    an UPS with a dead battery , a Std. PSU, an that's up !


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    Yeah, that works, if you kill the alarm and if the unit you have will switch to battery mode without first having ac power. In fact, it's what I used for about a week before the inverter I purchased arrived when I first put my pc in the car.

    It's just easier and really quite cheap to have a modified sine wave inverter. And about the 60HZ wave being cleaner? It doesn't really matter. Power supplies now are so advanced that they don't care about a jagged, messy input.

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