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Thread: Inverter of cigarette lighter

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    Inverter off cigarette lighter

    Hullo everyone.

    Again a newbie q. (i just started bulding my carpc last week - have done everything but instelled it).

    Until i've got enough cash to buy an OPUS power supply, I want to use a DC-AC inverter powered off the cigarette lighter.

    I have a small 150W inverter (my PSU is only 80W) that plugs into the cigarete lighter. It it safe to run the carpc off that? How much current can the cigarette lighter hold? I also want to use the same lighter to power my touchscreen.

    Also, I have a ford focus and am using a FM modulator for audio - does anyone have any idea where the arial connection to the radio is (so i can install the FM modulator??)

    One more question.My M9000 is a soft-on motherboard. I.e. I find that i have to push the switch on the PC case to start it everytime. Is there any way i can get it to boot just when I switch on the power from the inverter???

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!


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    ok here it goes
    -since you have a small PSU you inverter might be able to handle it but if you got it and your lilli plugged into the same cig. socket you might have trouble. if you do then go to this thread and read post #6 Read #6
    -the fm ant plug should be a big black female connecter coming out of the back of your HU (seriously its the biggest wire back there you cant miss it)
    - i have no idea for your last question, youll have to ask one of the experts for that info

    good luck

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    I have a 150w inverter, 200w PSU and a AC adapter for the monitor. Both run off the inverter which runs off the cigarette lighter. Been this way for a month without ever having a problem. EXCEPT you have to remember to unplug the inverter or your battery will go dead if the cigarette lighter doesn't power off with car. There's shutdown controllers around here (do a search) that will shutoff the inverter but I haven't had time to make one yet.

    You should be able to go into your BIOS and set it up to resume after power loss, not sure if that's the correct term or not, in any case thats how mine is setup. For some reason I sometimes have to plug my inverter in twice to get it to work. Plug it in, wait, nothing happens, unplug it, plug it back in and the computer starts. Think it's something to do with the inverter not the computer.

    Also read this, Plz help me with shutdown + inverter....I'm almost there.

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