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Thread: Another "can the OPUS handle this config?" thread...

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    Another "can the OPUS handle this config?" thread...

    Hey guys....I need to figure out if the OPUS can handle my current system:

    Epox 8K5A2+
    Athlon XP 1800 (OC'ed)
    ATI Radeon 8500
    3.5" 60gb hdd
    PCI Wireless Card
    PCI TV Card
    PCI Soundblaster
    a few USB devices (EL keyboard, seperately powered USB hub, Bluetooth dongle)

    My other option is to go with an inverter, but I would really like to go with an Opus to cut down on the # of devices. Let me know if this will be fine.


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    i seriously doubt it can handle that...
    the video card will take alot of power...

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    I really doubt even an Opus 150W could handle all that....though a more powerful version is imminent.

    You'll have to use a power calculator, but your only chance is to underclock and undervolt the processor, replace the video card with something less power hungry and remove a PCI card. Perhaps use onboard audio instead of the soundblaster? USB 802.11 instead of PCI?

    Another option is to use more than one Opus (one feeding just the mainboard, processor & PCI cards) and one running the Hard drives, fans etc.) or a beefier alternative. Do a search for 'sproggy' and check out the following thread:

    Mastero MK-4 ATX PSU with features.
    EPoX mATX SocketA w/onboard Geforce4MX / 512MB PC2700 / AthlonXP 1600
    Lilliput / DVDrom / Opus 150W / WD 3.5" 160GB / SB Audigy NX
    XP home / Road Runner / iGuidance 4.0

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