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Thread: how much current does the M10000 draw?

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    how much current does the M10000 draw?

    I'm trying to see if the PW70A I have will run everything... total amperage with the desktop HDD, desktop DVD-ROM, and lillilput 7" is 2.21amps on the 12V rail, and 2.1amps on the 5V rail. I also have the following to figure in- 2 powered usb hubs, gps, usb flexible keyboard, ps/2 glidepoint and usb wireless network. Will the PW70A hold up, or is it time to get an opus?

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    If you're planning on using that system it would be worth your while to get an OPUS.

    The PW-70 doesn’t regulate the 12v power rail. You would also like the startup/shutdown regulations that the OPUS does.

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