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Thread: Casetronic C137 120watt power supply

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    Casetronic C137 120watt power supply

    Has anyone done any hardware hacking/troubleshooting of this power supply:

    Moving this thread here from general hardware discussion, I've found that with my PD10000 board, when I apply external power to the supply, the system starts itself. Using a normal desktop ATX supply, this does not happen. Called a tech at Casetronic, he reccomended using the C4 power supply...which, well, will cost more money, and I'd much rather they fix their broken design than buy more stuff from them.

    I've gone to look at the ATX power supply spec, and I'm not sure where the problem may lie...maybe the PWR_ON line is getting held low for too long when power is applied to the board for some reason? Unfortunately I don't have access to a digital oscilloscope right now, I've got to wait until next week until I get to play with such toys. Just thought I'd pop some thoughts on here and see if any real EEs (I just play one on TV!) have some better ideas.

    *EDIT* I applied the fix described at and it did nothing...then again, guess I shouldn't have expected it to, it fixes a different problem (PWR_OK signal gets sent too soon, power rails aren't stable yet...board tries to power on but gets stuck in a weird state. Capacitor delays the PWR_OK signal a bit, just enough for the power to stabilize. But my board isn't experiencing that particular problem)

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    Ok, did a bit of research, here are a few links that might help...

    Datasheets for the controllers that switch the MOSFETs. I may have a lead on a digital oscope to borrow for the next few days, so we shall see if my research bears any fruit...

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    i am about to purchase that motherbaord but you have to be careful:

    'Additional Information:

    Please be aware that the PD10000 can use up to 30W of power. This may have impact on the available power for peripherals such as hard disks and CD drives. We advise to use a power supply that provides at least 80W.

    Compatibility with other mini-ITX components: As of 11/01/05, the PD line of mainboards is incompatible with the M1ATX and the OPUS 80W and 90W automotive power supplies. Additionally, the PD board does not fit some 120W Casetronic cases. Please call us for details.

    For more information, please visit this product's webpage.

    Availability: In Stock"

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