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Thread: Powering PC With Power Button Instead of Automatic Power

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    I made a list of the ways you can connect the uSDC20D to solve this problem. I don't know if the OPUS works the same way..

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    Use a toggle switch mounted in the front of your car (momentary on) connected to your power switch on the PC. Then run a line from the 12 volt power connector inside your PC, and connect this to a relay to toggle the constant power supply (directly from battery, use an inline fuse). Then connect your accessory power lead after the relay. This will allow power to the computer for startup (when key is in accessory position or run position). But after you turn off the car, press your toggle button in the front of the car which will allow the computer to shutdown. After the computer shutsdown, it will open the 12v circuit on the constant power line. Killing all power to your computer (also usefull if you use an inverter)

    Thus giving you a cheap shutdown controller.... BTW this was discussed in the forums once before. But this is a good refresher.
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    Legend, it will work on any car.

    Zootjeff and HummDinger, the Opus already has a SDC.

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    Thoughts on setting up a rocker switch to do the following?

    ON to set mobo/opus 150 in standby mode
    Off to manually turn off the PC when I want
    3rd position to hard shut down my PC and power (cutt power to opus)

    I want to be able to shut down the power to everything for those times that my PC is going to be sitting overnight. But I want to be able to use standby throughout the day. should I just set the opus/mobo to standby and just manually shutdown the PC when I want to?

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    Would this work for me?

    My problem is I have the OPUS set to shutdown after 10 seconds, but like when im getting gas. i dont want the computer turning off and turning back on.

    So can I replace my accessory wire that goes into the opus with a constant power wire instead with a toggle swtich hooked in the middle of that power wire.

    That way when I want to PC on, (whether the actual car is on or not) I can just flip the switch and the OPUS will see the constant power on the accessory wire and start the computer. And even when I shut the car off, the OPUS will stay on because since the accessory wire is actually a constant wire, the OPUS will think the PC is on still.

    Is this right?

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    Best Solution To Your Problem

    this attaches right to your motherboard

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