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Thread: Combing Power Supplies

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    Combing Power Supplies

    I was wondering if this could be done. Id stated it in a previous thread as well but i feel that it needs to have its own thread.

    Is it possible to link a mini box pw-120v with a opus 150W to output power to one motherboard. I need this for extra wattage. So can i link them together with out outputting 24V to the mobo. Is This possible ?

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    It probably is undesirable in that you need some sort of 'current sharing' circuitry. The output impedances of the PSUs are probably different and one will tend to hog current.

    It would be more feasible if the PSUs were the same brand, you could probably get away with some resistance like 0.1ohm in series with the parallelled outputs but I wouldn't know offhand it it would function properly.
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    ok, ill tell you the truth, i didnt understand any of that stuff u just said considering im 15 but would have been able to make it using a diagram. But iv seen a few sites which show how to use a atx psu together, but i dont know how i would regulate the 12v specially for the pw-120v?

    Is this possible, also how would i go abouts regulating the car battery power for the pw-120v?

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