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Thread: change opus 150 shutdown time to 0 seconds?

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    change opus 150 shutdown time to 0 seconds?

    So the opus is working wonderfully thus far, but I've run into a slight problem...

    I realized that my factory remote entry does not allow me to lock the door if the PSU is still on. It's not a big deal, but I was wondering if there was an option to change the OPUS to shut down at zero seconds instead of the default 10 seconds so I don't have to wait for it to go off before leaving the car.

    I know it can be adjusted to be a longer interval, but I'd like to change the time shorter.

    BTW, does anyone know why the default is set at 10 seconds and not 0? Is it a 'safety' feature?

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    wait .... If Opus/PC still running it has nothing to do with the remote entry. You may have to double check the connection. Unless Toyota is smart enought to disable the remote entry when there is a current drawn from the battery, but I don't think so because my Matrix remote entry lock the car okay while the PC is running.

    Now for the 10 second thing. The 10 second is there because of the way the ACC wire in your car is wired. The power to this wire is cut off while you crank the engine. Normally the car only take couple seconds to start. If you change that time to 0 second or 1 second, the Opus will go to shutdown/hibernate when you crank the engine (ACC off = key out).
    May be other peps explain it better
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    It's set to 10 seconds because sometimes you don't want it to being shutdown right away. For example would you want it to shut down if you were running your computer in accessory mode and decide to start the engine? The accessory wire will signal that's it's off briefly and your computer would shutdown.

    That sounds strange that you canít lock the door with the PSU on. If you figured out how your car is detecting the load you could bypass is sensor. Thatís the feature that should be disabled.

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    I suspect it's something in your setup interfering with your wireless remote. I sometimes get this problem in my truck and have found that I need to press the remote button several times or hold it down longer than normal for the receiver to pick up the signal. In my case, the computer has almost always started the shutdown cycle (but not finished) by the time I exit my truck. And yes, the problem never seems to happen when the computer is off.

    Since my Lilliput screen is mounted up front, closest to the door remote receiver, I suspect that it is the source of the interference since there is high voltage running around inside these screens. I've been meaning to wrap the back of my screen in aluminum foil to see if that helps the situation. Again it's hard to test because it doesn't happen every time.

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    me thinks voltage is going "backwards" in your system
    somehow your acc line is being populated with voltage from the pc
    and somehow that is causing the remote to not work (interference is a strong second in this one)

    I would suggest popping a diode in the acc line to allow current to flow one way (ie to the PC and not the other) now the trick here is to not put too big a diode in otherwise the opus will keep seeing a low voltage and begin a shutdown process.........(not sure without an OPUS in front of me if this is the case if the acc line drops low in volts or if per + is the monitored line)

    try a diode and see what happens, either way it will prove / disprove mytheory and you can begin looking elsewhere..... good luck

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    thanks for the insight guys... all excellent ideas.

    I was under the impression that the shutdown timer and the voltage regulator during cranking were completely independent of each other. What you guys have suggested makes sense though; I can see why they'd design it that way. I guess this means that if you set your opus to shutdown after 20minutes you could (theoretically of course) crank your motor for 20 min and still have the PSU run solid?

    I'll try to see if I can't isolate the interference, which is a good possibility, or regulating the voltage on the line and i'lll be sure to post my results.

    Thanks again fellas!

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