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Thread: OPUS wiring question

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    OPUS wiring question

    Ok, i havent yet bought my oPUS but i want to figure this out before i get it. For the ignition lead, can i hook it to my cigarette lighter? Ive used my cigarette lighter for the turnon lead for my sub and for a relay lead, but i want to make sure this will work for the OPUS.
    The reason i am concerned is because the cig. lighter goes dead while cranking. The car must have some sort of relay or osmethin that cuts power to cig lighter while cranking. So...when I am starting my car, the cig lighter goes live for a split second while im turnin my key from acc to on to crank. Then i crank...and while cranking the line goes dead again....and then it starts and the line goes live. Will this cause me any problems in running the OPUS? Thanks.

    One mor equestion....what is the difference between the OPUS 150 sold here and the OPUS 150 sold at digitalww. digitalww sells it for 25 bucks less, but it doesnt say anything abou tthe shuttle case. Im not using a shuttle case, so would i be better off buyin the one from digitalww?

    EDIT: Just thought id clarify that i will NOT be powering the actual 12v positive lead to the OPUS from the cig lighter. I will just be powering the turn on lead thing. I will use an 8 guage 30 amp fused wire to power the OPUS.

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    That wiring should be fine...mine is.
    I'd get the Opus here, the customer service here is outstanding (in case you run into warrenty problems) and worth the 25 bucks.
    Didn't look at shipping costs, but it's probably cheaper here., E-Cig Mods
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